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Title: A Scoundrel to a Princess
Fandom: Star Wars: Expanded Universe, post-Legacy of the Force
Characters: Han Solo, Tenel Ka
Word Count: 1539
Date Finished: November 2009
Author's Notes: I made a fanmix in November or 2009 that had two parts - each with six songs and a small story to go with each song. The first six songs/stories were if Jacen had survived after Legacy of the Force and they all cover small moments between him and Tenel Ka & Allana. Those will all be uploaded in one piece together soon. The last six songs were more in line with what happened in the books and cover Tenel Ka alone after the LotF series. Three of those were slightly longer than the others and will have their own uploads (like this one). The other three will be in one piece together. HOPEFULLY THAT MADE SENSE. :D

You... you okay, Your Highness? )
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Title: Gloveless
Fandom: Star Wars: Expanded Universe, Legacy of the Force era
Characters: Gadell Vessau (OC), Leia Organa Solo, Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Allana
Word Count: 2168
Date Finished: March 5, 2007
Author's Notes: This was written for a challenge on a message board -- the name of the challenge was Hey, I know you! and the requirements were:

1.) It had to be first person
2.) From an original character's point of view
3.) Include the word humbled and the phrase "your mom"

So I need to remind myself to tell her to remind me never to have a child. )


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